Retro Lamp goes HypnoOrb

Candice saved this hideous old lamp from a bulldozer (literally) and for the last year and a bit we’ve had it hanging up in our basement for extra ambient lighting. The light was setup only to be turned off/on by pulling/placing the plug and that part’s so sketch that we rarely use the thing. So […]

Dear Douche Trying to Break In to my Website

To the person attempting to break in to – While I’m delighted that you’re interested in my slice of the internet, I’ve grown tired of your attempts to break in. In response to your annoying presence, I’ve stepped up the security slightly and now the important bits have an extra layer of “fun” for […]

Toor Camp 2009 in Review

Well I’ve been home from Toor Camp 2009 for a week now and I’m feeling it’s about time to post my personal review of all of this.

In Summary In Short: It was awesome In slightly less-short: It was rough in terms of heat, closed silo and drama The Bottom Line: I’ll be going […]