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I’ve been working on a somewhat private personal website intended for sharing of family videos. I’ve converted roughly 200hrs of old family video tapes in to media files and am well on my way to having converted the files in to individual scenes/clips. The content is being shared, with family, using an instant of the web application “MediaDrop”. I love this web application. It’s epic. I was just looking for a podcast feed generator and I found a lot more in MediaDrop.

I then got sort of obsessed with this cool web app and eventually having family members upload their own videos. The problem was I need the format of the content to be normalized such that it’ll cooperate over the podcast feed. After all, these are meant to be easily viewed on Apple TVs. I found a script for this job, as MediaDrop doesn’t transcode. Only the script kind of sucked for my purposes. So I forked it!

Check out my first github project here:

It automatically transcodes uploaded videos to MP4 files, compatible with Apple TV3 devices.