Rules of Acquisition

After getting an Apple Watch I decided to author an app for it. I was also re-watching Star Trek DS9 for the 50th time which means I kept hearing Quark (etc) recite the hilarious and disgusting Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. So I made it an app.

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iPhone Endowed Life Begins


I’ve finally pitched my brilliantly ancient Blackberry (deserves an award for surviving this long). I decided the only way for me to go was to get an iPhone. It’s now been nearly a week and I must say this platform is a must have for any computery geeky types out there. It makes me antiquated Pocket PC cower in submissive fear and continues to impress and delight me a every turn.

When iPhone was first released I shyed away on account of two factors. First I thought the price was completely unreasonable, that’s long since been fixed. Secondly, I felt it to be too cruel for Apple to provide such an awesome platform, but lock it up with no public development tools. That too, has now long since been addressed quite masterfully.

I’ve been watching a through set of introductory development videos for iPhone this morning and they’ve been quite informative. Apple has clearly got their head’s in the right space to provide an outstanding mobile device that offers a carefully designed balance of functionality, stability, entertainment and room for customization.

So at this point, if you don’t have an iPhone or at least an ipod Touch and you like playing around with embedded systems of any kind, I HIGHLY recommend you take a very careful look at this platform. Apple’s massively well presented documentation can help get you far long in developing your own tools as well, so check them out. Also, check out all the apps floating around in the iTunes store.