Adventures in Ender 3 Pro Noise Reduction (plus a Review)

I recently acquired an Ender 3 Pro. I was immediately impressed with how nicely organized everything is with it. Granted, the last printer I actually bought was one of the very first MakerBot kits. Anyway, I love my little Ender 3 Pro. As someone who’s done a lot of custom printer work, I couldn’t help but make changes, as much as I bought this machine specifically with the intent of changing nothing.

In my case, I decided to try to keep the machine looking fairly stock. I like mods that are subtle but high-impact.

Here’s a video I’ve made to largely convey the same noise reduction info that’s in this post, plus a bit of an overall review:

Here’s a quick list of the changes that I made that have substantially reduced the noise generated by this machine.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-25

  • Ugh, having some weird connectivity problems with #Shaw right now. #yyc. Established connections are holding, new ones will sometimes work #
  • Being forced to work on my pf skills.. Can't resume my Django fun until I solve this. Sigh. #
  • Well, that was a good #django jam session. What? stayed up all night again? Huh.. #
  • Okay, I fixed my GoDaddy problem.. I'm not happy that my DNS record randomly changed like that. WTF? #
  • Well, here's a strike against GoDaddy.. They just randomly "broke" my DNS record & their management tool is "Temporarily Unavailable" #
  • Having some power spikes in NW #Calgary (#yyc) over the last couple of minutes.. #
  • Awesome! I managed to get another course recognized as an equivalent to stuff I already did – another step closer to grad! #
  • I've spent a few hours trying to solve a Python problem the last few days – turns out it was a trivial user permissions problem. Ha ha ha, #
  • Nice, this is prime time and yet I'm getting between 330 to 700 KB/s upload to my server in Texas. Not too shabby. #
  • Anyone know of a good way of integrating typical #Django authentication with OpenID? I need a M to RTF. #
  • Got 'git' going.. I really like that there aren't hidden directories everywhere and a requirement to use git to add/del stuff! Easy! #
  • If my #Django <3 continues to grow at this rate, by next week I'll never sleep again! #
  • I just registered my first, and likely only .it domain name.. Freakin rip off, but I like the name that much, I guess. #
  • Talk about over optimization of parking resources #
  • King of Crows: (from Digg) #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-18

  • When I become a tycoon, my bathroom tower room will look like: #
  • Well, I just refined my website redesign a ton. What you all think? #
  • Whoops, damn automated Tweet thingys – gotta remember where my spies are. 😉 #
  • Web Apps #
  • Hardware #
  • Software #
  • Spruced Up #
  • Man, my quest to not eat chicken is a formidible task #
  • Evidently Jeri Ryan is marginally larger than my hand! #
  • Mmmm, nerdy #
  • Close up view of 29th centry tech – the mobile emitter prop. Looks upside down #
  • The CPO Star Trek concert is about to begin #yyc #
  • Crap I dropped my carrot juice! 10 second rule? #
  • WTF the new renos to the UofC Subway have halved how many ppl they can serve!? #
  • Handy Date Selection Java Script Widget I'm using with a Django App: #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-11 #
  • Just finished helping my bud do his first Apache install, now we're setting up WordPress. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-11

  • Working on my Django based scheduling web application.. Nice to make some new inroads on it. 🙂 #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-04 #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-28 #
  • Damn, I was as prepared as is possible, tried for 1hr 50mins straight to submit and pay for my SparkFun Free Day order, but it didn't work #
  • Wah, I've been ready since last night and ready the moment it opened, but looks unlikely I'll get to place my sparkfun free day order #
  • Trying to order for #SparkFunFreeDay – this is probably an innocent example of a denial of service attack #
  • Waah, I'm tired of this stomach flu. My gf's dad has the same thing, guessing our meal at Japanese Village may have been the source. #
  • Ugh, I guess this is a good time to be sick.. What an annoying drain #
  • Cami\'s new hair #
  • Phew, lame little WordPress Upgrade drama is over. It was actually easy to solve, but took forever to deal with slow FTP. Manual upgrade ftw #
  • This host's FTP service is turning an hour job in to a 5 hour job.. W00t 0.7KB/s transfers (looks for a noose) #
  • Ugh, first time I've ever had a WordPress Upgrade fail, obvious reminder: Don't upgrade a client's website in the middle of the day. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-04

  • yumification under way #
  • Gearin up for a round at Japanese Village #
  • Finally saw Avatar, was pretty good. Great story. #
  • Wow, it's amazing how massively my world changed since #10yearsago. Here's to a rad next 10! #
  • Havin a leakin 55g aquarium while being 300km away would suck harder if we didn't have a Paurip towin the line #
  • Blah, the Rogers website is down.. #
  • Eatting handmade chocolates #
  • Best Christmas gift ever! Windermere Valley now has strong 3G service. Thanks #Rogers! AWESOME! #