WordPress content-only custom templates (with plugin javascript (etc) still being loaded)

Today I spent a fair while on a quest to display only page content on a WordPress site of mine. The situation is that I’m trying to make a very easily updated marketing website for an online-learning project of mine. I like using a proprietary page slider for WordPress (and other platforms, excluding my Moodle e-learning platform). So, hacky as it is, I opted to spin up a dedicated WordPress site that’d just host the sliders in content-only custom theme template files. Of course, this mandated rolling up the sleeves.

The central problem ended up being that my proprietary wordpress plugin installs some Javascript stuff it needs. I could have tried to figure out how to manually install that stuff, but I wanted something that’d inherit updates of WordPress and the plugin. I’ve found a few examples of doing custom theme templates that show only content, but they lacked the necessary guts to get plugin junk loaded. I’ve adapted those bare-bones templates I’ve seen, along with code selectively cut from my theme’s other files (theme is TwentyFourteen).

Here’s my custom theme page:

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