iOS App: To Free, or not to Free, that is the question

One of my iOS apps is Search Site, is a little functional thing I made mainly to help familiarize myself with the full workflow of iOS app development. (IE, it’s a glorified Hello, World! app). It’s been released for free for a few months and has had very few downloads.

In the last month, it has suddenly started getting a relatively large amount of attention, specifically from Asia. I decided to try making it non-free, so I set it to the minimum possible paid value, $1CAD. After a week I decided to make it free again, for now.

See if you can tell when it wasn’t free:

My plan with it is to leave it free, but perhaps release an improved version that also has banner ads that can be paid to go away. For now, I’ll just enjoy that there’s a user-base growing for this cute little application.