¡Mi cumpleaños número 27, en México hermoso!

Check out some more photos here.

Ding, I just hit “level 27”..
Well, here we’ve yet another year past.

You know, when I was about 20, I decided that 25 would be an amazing year for me. I thought I’d be done school and would have torn in to some great work by then. As it turned out, 25 was a good year, but nothing like 26 has been.

It would seem 26 was the year (and then some), that I thought 25 would be. What an absolutely awesome year it has been. I finished my degrees, continued a rewarding & deep relationship (with a pet raptor), bought a(n ancient) house and made ridiculous head-way on my career plans. And to top it all off, I got to end the year of 26 in (muy hermoso) Cancun, Mexico.

Suffice to say, the world has been so kind to me. Universe, from the bottom of my (robotic?) heart, I thank you.