WordPress content-only custom templates (with plugin javascript (etc) still being loaded)

Today I spent a fair while on a quest to display only page content on a WordPress site of mine. The situation is that I’m trying to make a very easily updated marketing website for an online-learning project of mine. I like using a proprietary page slider for WordPress (and other platforms, excluding my Moodle […]

Dawning.ca Spruced Up

Previous Dawning.ca Layout

I’ve just spent a few hours re-designing the layout of Dawning.ca. The old one served me very well and I really liked it. I had heavily modified the previous theme to work for me and work it did. I may tap it some time in the future as a […]

Dear Douche Trying to Break In to my Website

To the person attempting to break in to http://www.dawning.ca – While I’m delighted that you’re interested in my slice of the internet, I’ve grown tired of your attempts to break in. In response to your annoying presence, I’ve stepped up the security slightly and now the important bits have an extra layer of “fun” for […]