Watch The Guild

My copy of 'The Guild'

The Guild has been around for some time now and I’ve enjoyed watching it many times over. It’s about the woes of RL existence for a group of gamer geeks.

I first noticed the main drive behind The Guild, Felicia Day, from another similarly awesome project – Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog. Aside from that, I’m also a casual but frequent World of Warcraft player. Thus, when I encountered The Guild I was absolutely trilled as it does a great job of illustrating the tone of some of the weird social stuff that comes out of leading a dominant online life.

The Guild has gone on in to a third season and I see no end in sight. I’m loving the third season and finding the earlier times remain well worth watching. I’ve also found the DVD is cool as they’ve tossed in the various little extras one might expect from a DVD (commentary, etc).

Check it out some time if you are willing to have a good giggle..

For the lazy, I’ve embedded the first episode below / after the break and if you like it, I’d suggest you toss a few bucks their way as this isn’t some lameo cash grab, but rather sincerely creative people producing something of real value and substance. You can also watch The Guild on youtube of from

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Epic WoW Fail

I was playing WoW the other day with a some friends.. I was playing it on Ubuntu linux (using WINE) and I guess some mystical memory leak decided to creep up and kick my butt. As such, from the WoW side of things I was disconnected while running in Stormwind City.

About 33.53 seconds later, I had managed to login again, but I found myself dead. The afterlife was not what I expected. I had been teleported (via a game bug) to a far away land and lived in a perpetual state of free-fall. It was horrid and more importantly, I couldn’t see a way out. My group had already been waiting for me to run to where they where and this had to happen. Not to worry however, a trusty Game Master came to my rescue. After some BSG banter and laughs the GM used their super-toon powers and transported me to the city of Ironforge (as I was trying to get there in the first place).

The whole detour took about 30mins to get resolved on a Saturday evening, so all in all, I suppose that’s not too bad at all.

I have a video from my time in the hellish afterlife: